Pre-school literacy classes

Welcome to Kinderschool


Every week you and your child will step into the magical world of Letterland, where Letters leap off the page and into your children’s hearts. Learn about Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben and Clever Cat, along with all the other Letterland characters. Sing songs and learn action tricks to remember the sound they make in words. Practice writing and making the letters using whiteboards and play doh. Learn rhymes to remember how the letter shapes are formed. Listen to stories of Letterland adventures, and most of all, see how much fun learning can be when you learn with friends and family in Letterland.

Class Structure

Circle Time

  • Letterland Songs with the big book
  • Show & Tell
  • Letter Sound Game

Table Time

The children have the opportunity to choose the activities that best suit their interest and stage of development. The teacher will guide the children through the tasks and be available to help parents with any questions they may have relating to the program.

  • Writing or pre writing worksheets & whiteboards to write on
  • Reading or letter sound practice activity
    (I.e. Letterland magnets / alphabet puzzles / matching games/ word blending activities)
  • Craft activity relating to the Letterland character & letter sound.
  • Fine motor activity to strengthen finger muscles for writing ie. play doh / threading/

Library Book borrowing & Goodbye

  • Each week the children can borrow a Letterland story book to share at home.
  • They will also receive a sticker to signal that the class is over.

Kinderschool is a mix of structured and unstructured activities that will spark an interest in letters & sounds and form the building blocks for writing and reading development. It’s a perfect addition to your weekly kinder or childcare and something that you and your children can enjoy together.

You’ll never forget Letterland

About the teacher

Emily Weight

I have been teaching pre school literacy for 14 years and have a Primary Teaching degree. I also hold a current working With Children’s Check and a Level 2 first aid certificate.

I started my business after seeing the need for a bridging program from the kinder years into formal schooling.

With the trend of children starting school later I wanted to provide a program that specifically focused on early literacy, as many children aged 3-5 are ready and interested in learning to write and are starting to recognise letters. I needed to make sure they were learning the Phonics (the sounds, not just the letter names) as this is so important for learning to read and spell.

The Letterland Program was a perfect fit for this age as it teaches young children in a fun and multi sensory way through songs actions and stories.

I teach all the classes and also run the admin side. I have 2 young adult children and one younger teenager who keep me busy when I’m not teaching.

I believe that the early years are crucial in terms of laying the foundations for future learning. I feel privileged to be able to be a small part of so many children’s early steps in literacy. I know it does have a huge impact on their transition to school and boosts their overall confidence.

My philosophy is that if children are engaged and interested in their learning then they will succeed. I aim to do this in each and every Kinderschool session.

See you there!

Miss Emily